Apr 3rd WordPress 6.5 - MAJOR UPDATE

WordPress 6.5 was released on APRIL 2, 2024.  As per. our normal cautious update process, we will not be starting to update client sites to WordPress 6.5 for at least 1 month.  This allows for bugs to be reported & resolved & for plugin authors to ensure their plugins are compatible.

Jan 17th ACF 6.2.5 Security Release

Here is a link to our announcement re. the ACF 6.2.5 security release - https://workdrive.wpcloud.ca/writer/published/dbiu14494c58a6ef445ceb4d02646a223a50f

Jan 12th Introducing Our New Fair-Use Disk Space Policy

As part of our commitment to providing you with the best service experience, we want to give you a quick reminder of our recently introduced Fair-Use Disk Space Policy. This policy helps ensure that your website operates smoothly and avoids any potential interruptions due to disk space overages. Key Points to Remember: - Stay Proactive: Use ... Read More »

Apr 25th Enterprise Monitoring Service Offerings


Here is a link to learn more about our latest Enterprise Monitoring Services - https://workdrive.wpcloud.ca/writer/published/b849y75d113e6c60b4e1583df7b0df56b7ee4

Nov 28th PHP 7.4 EOL - PHP 8 - PHP 8.1 ++

Here is our announcement - https://workdrive.wpcloud.ca/writer/published/3xzkab3fb02372e0944d6b0c3f84c99ea7947

It's very important to note that WordPress is now officially recommending that hosting providers maintain PHP 7.4 as the default PHP version for WordPress, until WordPress is out of beta for PHP 8+

Apr 8th Transactional Email Service Improvement

    Transactional Email Service Improvement - 2022-02-22   WPCloud is very happy to announce that we are now using MailChannels to send all transactional emails within our managed WordPress hosting platform.   Vancouver, British Columbia based, MailChannels is the gold standard provider of outgoing transactional email services ... Read More »

Feb 1st EMAIL Service Change - FEB. 1, 2022

As of FEB. 1, 2022, we have changed our EMAIL service offering, this impacts NEW & CURRENT EMAIL clients.

LINK to the EMAIL service policy.

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