Transactional Email Service Improvement2022-02-22


WPCloud is very happy to announce that we are now using MailChannels to send all transactional emails within our managed WordPress hosting platform.


Vancouver, British Columbia based, MailChannels is the gold standard provider of outgoing transactional email services & we're now including this premium service to all of our plans at no additional cost.


Through the use of sophisticated algorithms & machine learning, MailChannels prevents spam from being sent from our servers.  MailChannels also ensures that all sending IPs are protected against blacklisting, ensuring that you have highest rate of transactional email deliverability within our industry.


It's very important to note that our policy regarding transactional emails has not changed.  Please see below for more details;


Q. What is transactional email?


  1. Basically, transactional emails are emails that are sent by your WordPress install, based on a trigger or request from a user within the WordPress install.  Some examples of transactional email are shown below.  If you would like to have clarification on a specific example, please contact our support team.

- Password reset emails

- Contact form submissions

- Comment submissions

- Order confirmations


Q. What is not a transactional email?


  1. The most common example of an email that is not considered to be a transactional would be newsletters, email blasts, and most marketing or promotional emails.  Please feel free to contact our support team if you would like clarification on a specific use.


Q. What is the hourly sending limit for transactional emails?


  1. 50 emails per. hour is our default limit.  If you require more than 50 emails per. hour, we can raise that limit on a case by case basis, to a maximum of 150 emails per. hour, simply contact support & let us know the reason you need to have the limit increased for a specific install.  Please note that this can only be requested per. install, not per. account.   If you require more than 150 emails per. hour, we would recommend that you use the services of Sendgrid or Mailgun.



Q. Can I send non transactional emails if I stay under the 50 emails per. hour limit.


  1. No, we do not allow non transactional emails to be sent on our platform.  For large numbers of transactional emails or other non tranactional email needs, we would recommend using sendgrid, mailgun or mailchimp.


Q. Will the MailChannels integration prevent spam from being sent by my WordPress install?


  1. Yes, MailChannels will prevent any spam, intentional or otherwise from being sent by your WordPress install.  This ensures that your domain will never be blacklisted or suffer from domain name reputation issues. 


Q.  Do I need to do anything to start using MailChannels?


  1. No, MailChannels is already or currently being integrated into our platform, cluster by cluster, no action is required.


Q. Do I need to add or edit my SPF record within my DNS?


  1. While not required, adding the MailChannels SPF record will dramatically improve deliverability.  If you use WPCloud managed DNS, then our team will be adding that record on your behalf, no action is required on your side.  If you use another DNS provider, you should add or edit your SPF record.  More details here.


Q. I am already using another SMTP or transactional email provider to send emails from my WordPress install, will this impact that setup?


  1. No, not at all.  If you're currently or want to use another SMTP or transactional email provider within your WordPress install, MailChannels integration will not interfere that.







If you're currently using SENDGRID via the WPCloud account API, here is an important notice.


** This only applies to clients that are currently using SENDGRID through the WPCloud provided sendgrid account.  It does not apply to clients that are already using their own sendgrid account api.


As we have now integrated MailChannels into our platform, those clients that chose to use the WPCloud provided sendgrid api for improved deliverability can now safely use MailChannels.  To do this, simply deactivate the Post SMTP plugin that WPCloud installed on your behalf. 


If you are using the WPCloud sendgrid account to send a high volume of transactional emails or non-transactional emails, then you will need to use your own sendgrid account.  To do this, we will be providing a tutorial that you can follow to make that change.


WPCloud will be no longer be offering sendgrid APIs for new install requests starting on Feb. 15


We will then be retiring our sendgrid APIs for all existing sites on August 15, 2022. We would encourage you to start using your own sendgrid account / APIs before that time.





Friday, April 8, 2022

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